Course curriculum

  • 01

    Tax Year 2021 - 2022 Introduction

    • 1010WhyandHowToLearnTaxLaw

    • 1020MethodofLearningTaxLaw

    • 1030LacerteTaxSoftware

    • 1040FreeTaxTools

    • 1050TaxTypesorCategories

    • 1060GovernmentAuthoritytoTax

    • 1070MarginalandAverageTaxRates

    • 1080MarginalandAverageTaxRates

    • 1090IncomeTaxFormula

    • 1100IncomeTaxFormulaSoftware

    • 1120Circular230RegulationsGoverningPracticeBeforeIRS

  • 02

    What's New & Filing Requirements 2021-2022

    • 1135WhatsNewPart1

    • 1140WhatsNewPart2

    • 1145FilingRequirements

    • 1150WhenandWhereShouldYouFile

    • 1155WhatFormtoFileFiscalYearandWriteinInformation

  • 03

    Excel Worksheet - Tax Formula 2022

    • 1500CreateaTaxFormulateWorksheetUsingExcel

    • 1505CreateaTaxFormulateWorksheetUsingExcelPart2

    • 1510CreateaTaxFormulateWorksheetUsingExcelPart3

    • 1515CreateaTaxFormulateWorksheetUsingExcelPart4


This course will cover the fundamentals of income tax preparation. We will discuss the reasons for learning tax preparation, the methods for learning tax preparation, and the tools.

The course will compare different tax types and explain tax terminology, including what a progressive tax is and the differences between a marginal tax rate and an average tax rate.

Learners will approach tax preparation using three central angles: tax forms, a tax formula, and tax software.

You do not need tax software to take the course, but practicing with tax software is a powerful tool for learning.

We will talk about what is new for the tax year 2021.

We will create a tax worksheet using Excel, although you may also use Google Sheets. We will use the Excel Worksheet to work on problems using a tax formula method.